Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Limited Edition prints framed? No. Limited Edition prints are unframed. Each print includes a surrounding 1-inch white border which allows the collector to choose framing style. The border may be trimmed for framing. The 1-inch width allows enough space to create a deckled edge, should trimming by hand be a choice. In the unlikely event of damage durring transport, the border also protects the printed image's edge. 

Do you accept returns? Every item is hand packed and shipped with utmost care and protective shipping materials. However, sometimes issues may arise due to mis-handled items in transit. Should this unlikely situation occur, please send photographs of the damaged packaging and item within 1 day of receipt so that your concerns may be promptly addressed. Due to the limited edition nature of many items, a replacement for a damaged item may not always be available. In such an instance, a total refund would be provided upon the damaged item's return. 

Do you sell larger/original work? Yes! Shoot me an email at emailkimwest@gmail.com and I'd be happy to share what I may have available. 

Are you available for commissions? Maybe! Shoot me an email at emailkimwest@gmail.com and let's discuss. 

Are you going to do the another sale for the mini paintings? Maybe! If I do, you'll know about it via my insta @westkim or by signing up for my email mailing list. (I don't send that many, and definitely don't sell your info!)